Site Optimisation tips

Site optimisation and Google in general is a very strange process, and often quite slow. You will get people emailing and calling you promising that they will get you in the 10 ten and on the first pages of Google. The truth is, they may do, for a day or so, on a very obscure keyword, and then they will charge you a fortune for it. The sites are all built to be "google friendly", the templates too. There are some things you can do to help.

The most common issue with peopIe building their site on Webalistic seems to occur when they paste text in from another programme (word) or an email. If you paste in from Word, or emails, or other sites, it will bring across hundreds of lines of rogue coding, which overrides the style settings of the site. Google will often not be able to find your keywords due to the extra coding which can confuse it.

To keep your new site completely Google friendly all the text should follow the "header styles" in the content manager. So the page starts with a heading set on Heading 1, all the body text is set to "normal" sub headings can be used from "heading 2" right down to "heading 6". This means your site will follow the style sheet set in the template for fonts and colours.

The easiest way around this, or stop it happening again, is to select you text you want to past into Webalistic, open a programme called Notepad (not Wordpad!!) and paste the text in there. Select the text again from notepad, then paste it into webalistic. This will insert as plain text, with no formatting. Select it all, and set it all to "normal" first, then the headings lines can be set.

Another thing to do is to add some Keywords to each section in the content manager, it's under "section properties" where you name the section. Add as many as you can think of for each page, and use words or phrases you would imagine people would use if looking or that exact page. Separate with a coma.

The more relevant the text (include keywords) the better. Keeping it up to date helps, getting as many links into and out of it to. Maybe have a "links" section, with some relevant links to other areas associated with your trade.

Finally, it all takes time, the longer the site is live, the better it is in the ranking.