Create an email address

Only applicable if you have your domain name registered with 123-reg

With email you can either forward to another email address (for example your hotmail) or you can use the free basic email which comes with webalistic. If you forward to an email address, you will send emails out from your existing address, but many people will not even notice. If you use the webalisic mail you will send out from your new email address too.

To set it up is the same for both. Log into your 123 account. On the main control panel, near the bottom of the page look for "manage email". Click on it.

Next click "create your email forwarders"

You will see a window with a blank space @your domain name. You can give yourself whatever name you want in the blank space, so you could be info@domain or name@domain, you decide what's best. On the line below add the address you want to forward to,  your existing email address. To use the Webalistic mail add "" as the forwarding address, which will send the emails to the webalistic inbox.

To set up Webalistic Mail

When you log into Webalistic, you will see "email" below site builder on the home page.
Click Email.

You will get mostly a blank page (no messages in inbox!!), and on the left click "set up email alias".

Add the same name to the "alias" box that you used in 123 reg. The Display name is what people will see before they open a message from you, so it could be "Your name - Your company" or whatever you like! Click "add".

You are now ready to send and receive emails from your new address on the webalistic mail.

Please remember, the Webalistic mail system is a basic free mail. There are limits on file sizes, and only one user per website.

We do have a full email system available for customers who may have more users.