Building a Form

First you need to create a form area to put your text fields in. To do this simply click on the form button.

In the pop up enter a name for your form in the name field and in the action field enter ?send=contact. This will tell the submit button to send the email to the address you entered when signing up to Webalistic, and change the method to post.

Click in the red box to start building the form. We are going to start with a Text field first, this type of field is used for any text field option such as Name, Telephone, Email, and address'.

Click on the Text field button to open the options window. Again give the field a name.
The Value field is what will show in the Text field your creating, in this instance we have entered "Enter your name here" however these can be left blank.
The Character Width is the length of the Text field and Maximum Characters is the amount letters one person can enter.

Repeat this for any field where text is going to be entered as mentioned this could be a name, telephone, email, or address.

If you would like someone to write a message for an enquiry or something then we would use the Textarea button. This allows the person write a lengthy message as there is no limit to the amount of characters that can be used.

Now you have the fields you would like to be filled in. You now need to create a submit button.
This is easily done, just click the "Button" button in the content manager and a pop up will appear. Give the button a name and enter what you would like to be shown on the button in the Text (Value) field ie Submit, Send etc.. and change the Type to submit.

Here is a screen shot of the submit button just created. To create a Reset Form button, simply do the same as you would to create a submit button and change the Type to Reset.

Click save to update your site.