Creating a Web and Email Link

Any piece of text, or picture can become a clickable link to another page, another website or an email address.

To insert a link to a website, select the text/picture/etc. that you want to be clickable, and click on the Insert/Edit Link icon.


In the Link URL box type the full URL you want to link to, remembering to start with http://.


Change the Target option to your choice and click Insert.


To insert a link to an email address, follow the instructions above but type mailto: followed immediately by the email address (like this -


If you would like to use an email link that doesn´t reveal your email address, or would like to get responses from home or small business users who don´t use professional email software, our "Email – me" module is available for purchase.


Click the Save button to keep these changes.

Changes will be lost if you don´t click Save before moving to another page or section, or by clicking Revert.