Adding Pictures

Pictures and logos can be added to pages and sections. Select the section or page you require and click the Edit button. Click on the text where you want the image to appear and then select the Add/Edit Image button. To select an image to insert, click on the Folder icon to the right of the Image URL box.

Now you can browse through any images you have already uploaded, or upload a new one.


To upload a new image, click Browse and select the image you want. Images must be GIF, JPEG, or PNG format to display. Click Continue to upload this image.


To insert an image, scroll through the thumbnails on the image browser and double click the one you want.


Enter the Image Description and Title to optimise your site for search engines like Google and to make sure your site complies with accessibility rules.


The Appearance tab can be used to control how the image will be displayed and positioned.


Click the Save button to keep these changes.

Changes will be lost if you don´t click Save before moving to another page or section, or by clicking Revert.