Adding Text

Select the page or section that you want to add or edit text and click on the Edit button.


Text can be added by pasting from a Word or other text document, or by just typing straight into the editor. If you paste from Word, please ensure that you use the Paste From Word tool, once pressed a window will open asking you to paste the text into here first. Pictures in your word document must be added using the Add Picture tool (see the Adding Pictures section).


There are many other tools on the toolbar which allow you to insert or upload images, add links to other pages or other websites, use tables and perform a variety of other tasks. Roll the cursor over each icon for a brief description of its functionality.


To format your text simply select the required text and choose a style from the drop down list. Using the predefined styles (like Heading, Paragraph, etc) will help to optimise your site for search engines like Google.


Content can be added to both sections and pages.

Click the Save button to keep these changes.

Changes will be lost if you don´t click Save before moving to another page or section, or by clicking Revert.