Getting & Started

If you have a voucher If you have a voucher, go to, enter your voucher number and click enter.


Enter your details on the Sign-Up form.
In the Account Details section you must enter an existing email address, so we can send you a password reminder if required.


Make a note of your username and password and keep it safe. Click Sign-Up.


In the New Site Details,

  1. If you want a new domain name:–
    Enter your choice of domain name and click Go. We will check to see if this domain is available. If it is available please follow the on-screen instructions to purchase it. If it isn’t available, please try again with a different name.

  2. If you have an existing web domain that you wish to use:–
    Please enter the domain name in the space provided and click Go, and follow the on-screen instructions to find out how to configure your domain to point at this website.

  3. If you want to configure your domain preferences later:–
    Please enter a subdomain name and click Go. The subdomain name is a "working title" that allows you access to your Webalistic website. Please note it will be given the suffix You will be able to add domain names to your site at a later date.



After completing this process you will be taken to the site builder to choose a template and style for your website.